There is a lady called Barbora Xu who can play the guzheng 古箏

She can play the guzheng 古箏.

There’s that Czech lady named Barbora Xu, I’d never heard of anything about her. On a Chinese-related facebook group based in Prague, she posted an update about her release of a new album. As her personal and professional background is based on the trio of: Taiwan, Finland, and the Czech Republic, I (my British self) spent barely 3 minutes looking at her music on YouTube. I like some videos of hers, more than some others. I still do not do Spotify. There are many aspects of YouTube itself that I dislike a lot, but sometimes I view a few YouTube videos. Especially videos uploaded by YouTube accounts that disable all comments such as ’10 Downing Street, London’. I prefer to view videos on sites that are not YouTube, for example, directly on the CNN website, directly on the Deutsche Welle website, directly on the BBC website, and I prefer VIMEO to YouTube as I think VIMEO is a lot better, personally.  

I’m not aware that the work of Barbora Xu had any political ideologies behind it and I’m not aware that she holds any political beliefs or that she ever expresses them. She looks very lovely and pretty, and she seems to be skillful more than she is pretty. The music world of Prague is competitive, I guess. Musicians are constantly wanting to grab your attention, on FaceBook, on Radio Prague, on Radio Beat, at live music venues wanting to sell tickets to you, wanting to make profits off you, and wanting to move ahead with the creative work that they want to do. I went to a Dymytry Cz concert. I enjoyed it so much. Volám Jméno Tvý … … Neustoupím, vím, že nepochopíš/ Chtěl jsem mít víc a ztratil, co měl/ Řekla jsi zůstaň a já stejně šel / Stejně jsem šel

I like to see the employees of DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Bangalore dancing

Perhaps you feel so passionately about brand image/ marketing? 

And how is this dancing? The brand image of Hilton LOL   LOL    LOL

I wish I could see this sort of thing more often . LOL  lol As a consumer, sometimes I just feel really really emotionally manipulated, by so much advertising, everything looking so shiny and perfect. Businesses are constantly blowing their trumpets, banging on about how great they are. But how about me as a human being? I hope I’m more than just the means to make their businesses profitable. 
I want something that’s more…   …         …         … real. 

 Admiring Mr. Shintaro Okamoto’s ice sculptures

So. I take another look at Mr. Shintaro Okamoto’s workshop. Ah. Yes, his workshop is very very substantial indeed. Are you, by any chance, coveting his saw? Ya’ know, in the holy bible, it says – do not covet your neighbour’s chainsaw, your neighbour’s donkey, your neighbour’s screwdriver, or something like that. 
I bet you are drooling then. I feel glad for you that you could stare at Mr. Shintaro Okamoto’s workshop full of chainsaws all day, and be in ecstasy. The delight of your heart and soul. Here comes your obsession with power tools. LOL lol lol lol. 

The 1960s vs. 2020s: ‘THE LAST LETTER FROM YOUR LOVER’

Oh fu*king hell… … fu*king hell ! !!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!! It can be fu*king frustrating to live in this age, FUCK!

THE LAST LETTER FROM YOUR LOVER Trailer (2021) Shailene Woodley, Felicity Jones Movie

You can refer to this video – movie trailer -The Cambridge-educated actress, Miss Felicity Jones – she plays the character Ellie (perhaps it’s short for Eleanor). 2:10  “Send a text: Hey babes… interested? Hashtag ComeWith If you want to change life forever SmileyFace roadsign sausage!!!”
Fucking hell! I laughed bitterly, really bitterly, watching Miss Felicity Jones play the part of Ellie in the movie trailer. I’ve never watched the movie itself. Yes. In this internet age, that’s the sort of extent of coherence that people out there fu*king have! I am fu*king pissed off! Rage against incoherence! fu*king hell! I thank Miss Felicity Jones!I thank the movie director/producer and the entire production team! 
If I saw Mark Zuckerberg walking in the street, it would be lovely for me to go up to him to punch him in the face!

The internet age – it is frustrating, irritating! I hate Pinterest

I’ll definitely look into ad-blocking. I know I usually at least ‘mute’ stupid ads anyway.
And – I’m interested in blocking Pinterest. Someone was once looking into educating little kids in their early childhood. There was some kind of a hand-clapping song on Pinterest that she wanted me to look at. OKAY so I took one look at it but in order to do so, I had to sign in to something. Otherwise, the material was inaccessible to me. And, as for that very poor-quality video of several minutes, the audio was bad- so the words used were not discernible anyway. I could not recommend using it, to teach kids who were 3/ 4/ 5 years old. It was just a mess. A horrible mess. So, I had to tell her that. 
And then 330 emails from Pinterest later, Pinterest was still irritating me, bombarding me with ‘suggestions’ – absolutely fucking incoherent, there’s like no logical thinking behind it. “I like black women.” “I go to sleep.” “I appreciate the milky way/ the galaxy.” It’s too dumb. Where are we going with any of this? Pinterest is too stupid! And that crocodile song was supposedly the reason why I first got to Pinterest- it was an absolute disaster! Pinterest has been a complete waste of my time. 
Sometimes I operate google searches upon one or two things. And clicking upon ‘pictures’, Google is going to give me half a dozen results that are Pinterest results. I do not want them. I do not want anything that’s Pinterest. It’s all a mess. I’ve never seen anything from Pinterest that’s not in a big mess. 
So, I want to completely eliminate Pinterest results from Google searches.
hate Pinterest. 

Michael Swan and Catherine Walter wrote the English language textbook

There is an English language textbook first published in 1984. It is absolutely brilliant. Everything is so clear. It is called ‘The Cambridge English Course’, by Michael Swan and Catherine Walter; Cambridge University Press. I love it! It is so effective, as I use it to teach my students who are at A1 level. As it is from the year of 1984, I don’t think you’ll use this particular book! I shall continue to use it to teach, as nothing is better than this book.

Natascha Kampusch, Ingrid Brodnig, and Corinna Milborn

I am pleased to follow the developments of the survivor of kidnapping, Miss Natascha Kampusch. I agree so strongly with the journalist Corinna Milborn’s comment from the article “No Longer Silenced, a Former Kidnapping Victim Takes on Cyberbullies” published in OZY in October 2019, that Natascha Kampusch is “an incredibly strong person”, not that I ever had any connection to her case from where I was in Britain.

We try to contact Professor E. Brooke Harrington

Dear Professor Harrington, Dartmouth College

My name is &*&*&*&* getting in touch with you from Prague, Czech Republic. It is about deception. Every week/ month/ year, I get bombarded by all sorts of attempts at deception, which is of course unsurprising to you.

Here I hold yet another digital attempt to deceive me and it is unclear as to what the purpose is. Human trafficking? Romance scam attempting to cheat me out of over 10,000 Euros? I would like to tell you that I have a registered account on the sugar-dating website SeekingArrangement .com which was apparently started by Mr. Brandon Wade the graduate of MIT. For me, it is free of charge to use. I received the following message/ text from a user who says he is male and I would like to ask you if you feel interested in studying this message/ text from my SeekingArrangement .com account. If you yourself feel uninterested in this raw material then I would like to ask if you know any colleagues/ associates/ friends who take a personal interest in studying this piece of attempted deception. Or maybe it is just too boring, I am not sure. Here it is:

“I am Rio, an italian gentleman, if you ever want to come to Rome you are welcome, you get airplane tickets and a stay in a luxury hotel. look forward to having your news

I live in Rome


While there is a variety of SeekingArrangement sugar-dating profiles, and many absolutely hideous dire dismal wretched profiles, this “Rio” has a profile that is almost completely blank. This almost blank profile is highly suspicious. He is not LinkedIn verified, not facebook verified, not Instagram verified not that I ever use Instagram anyway. I dislike facebook in very many ways, but if a ‘sugar daddy’ is facebook-verified then at least he is not totally bogus, probably not anyway.

I never thought I would ever be a sugar baby or an arm candy or trophy wife, but I inadvertently ended up practically becoming a sugar baby over two years ago when,_____ I met a British man who was so so so lonely and even more desperate. He always denied he was ever a sugar daddy or indeed anything like that, but he so so so was a sugar daddy – he was too boring for me to ever consider being in a traditional relationship with him. There’s hypocrisy. I felt sorry for him. _______ And by the way, do you – as a sociologist – study sugar babies? Take me! How about the anthropology of dining?

If you know someone who wants to study me, or who would like to talk to me about anything, it would be great.

The failed Chinese restauranteurs of Prague who don’t approach designers

It has been said that:


Owners who feel they’re not bothered about getting designers, and then of course, their businesses suffer in Prague!