The movie “Rachel Getting Married”: my personal responses

We watched the movie “Rachel Getting Married” and now we are watching BlackTree TV’s interview with the actress Anne Hathaway about her role in the movie, conducted by the interviewer Miss Candice Newsum. Anne Hathaway called Jonathan Demme “fascinating”. I was actually quite bored of the movie “Rachel Getting Married”. I don’t know what it was that I really wanted. A more spectacular car crash, like in those braindead action movies? A stronger/ more powerful plot? I did quite like the dialogues in the movie, to me they seem to be pretty sharp. There is an article about the movie “Rachel Getting Married” in Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Learning Network by HMP Global Learning Network – Psych Congress Network®. Apparently, they are based at: Pennsylvania – Corporate Headquarters, 70 East Swedesford Road, Suite 100, Malvern, PA 19355, United States of America.

“Business Development” of Wukong Education- let’s learn Chinese, 悟空中文

Our friends who are based in the Czech Republic are potentially interested in the offer from Wukong Education to try one free online Chinese lesson then sign up for one Chinese-learning course. A lot of people are having summer holidays. We sent the following email to the educational consultant of Wukong Education to say that the online lesson can’t happen now/ this week, it will have to be later in the summer.

可惜人家正在黑山/ 阿尔巴尼亚放暑假。我问人家几月几号回到捷克共和国布拉格,人家不清楚呢。


Quoting what they say about themselves: “悟空中文专注于为4-15岁海外少儿提供中文教育解决方案。悟空(wukong)于2016年创立于新西兰, 现在已成长为海外家庭实现精英教育梦想的首选国际教育平台。”

The case of Suzemka the bear from Russia

If, by the age of 8, your cousin ends up like Suzemka the bear, clinically addicted to aviation jet fuel, and also clinically addicted to Rubix cube, then it’s no big deal to be addicted, just sign up to treatment to combat addiction. There are two options: (A) seeking treatment and (B) not seeking treatment, not receiving any treatment. Clearly (A) is the better way to go. It is also much cheaper. To stop it from worsening, that means in the long term you’ll save loads of money.  Anyone who does not understand this very extremely principle is an idiot. Apparently, pretty much anybody can end up addicted to something, it does not matter how well-educated you are, with a Ph.D degree, with a high level of intelligence. It doesn’t matter if you are the kindest, most caring human being in the world. If you are addicted, you are just addicted. 


Ah, which female names in English do you like? There are lots of names. For example, there is Matilda. No one who comes from Hong Kong seems to be called Matilda. They are typically called things like: Tracy, Mandy, Janice, Cathy, Jenny, Carol, Amy, Judy, Queenie – names that are so short. As if eveyone’s in a big rush, hurry up- short names! We haven’t got time for long names like Cassandra, Imogen, Petronela, Ekaterina, … … … …  I know a lot of people who didn’t study much English at primary school then secondary school in Hong Kong. They barely passed tests / exams. Even people who achieved high grades in English in Hong Kong pronounced a lot of surnames and forenames wrong. They entered the world of work with broken English like that, and got into a lot of problems!     !    !             !   ! 

A really great guy who was unsuccessful on In his own words:

Things aren’t going that well on the woman hunting front. In fact, I’m becoming quite disillusioned with it – the last girl I met said she wanted to meet again and then never returned my calls. At least you had the courtesy to tell me straight.

I’m amused you find it worrying that ‘someone like me’ is struggling. I’ve come to the conclusion that I find it impossible to decide whether I’m interested in a relationship from only 2 hours. However, not wishing to be too blunt, the problem I have is with people like you who decide within that time that they’re not interested in me. I find it quite bemusing; it’s something that I really don’t understand. I must be doing something wrong :o(

Anyway, I recently had an email from a 34 year old – a bit older than I’m thinking, but I’ll give it a shot. I should email her back really (those first emails require more concentration than I’m willing to give at the moment).

Otherwise things are going pretty well for me. I might have told you about a course in Australia that I had applied for – fortunately I got accepted, so I’m off to Queensland at the end of this month.

Do I regret my past? Not for a minute, it was great fun.

What do I think of drug laws? Really I think the money could be better spent dealing with the causes of the problem. Holland and Italy have both decriminalised all drugs and have among the lowest drug use rates in Europe. People will try to tell me that it’s a cultural thing – well okay, let’s throw that money at dealing with the (obvious) problems with our culture.

Besides which, people have a God-given right to choose what they do. If it’s really hurting no one else, why should it bother anyone? I only stopped because it was hurting me.

If you want a nice introduction to the case around Cannabis (the most contentious) you could do worse than watch the documentary ‘Grass’ , though it might be hard to get in the UK. It’s US based, but gives the general undercurrent than influenced UK law – it was mostly racially based, originally.

At the end of the day, it’s no worse than alcohol – socially it might even be better.

A British man’s personal experience of online dating: in his own words

“I’m not sure I can afford, or really want to, take a break from women hunting (a term that sounds really caveman like). It’s already been a long time, for various reasons. It’s just the Match thing that’s beginning to tire a little bit, as it’s not like real life. Ordinarily I get to know a girl and then decide I fancy her, not the other way around (then they say ‘it would ruin our friendship’, grrr).

Having said that, I did email three people last night! Also, the girl I was saying about sent me a text, but I think that she was still lying – it didn’t add up. Probably a lucky escape really.

I’m glad you’ve found someone though. I hope it works out okay.

Just as an aside, I’m at work today – just got in. I made the cleaner jump when I arrived, as she wasn’t expecting anyone (except her son who was helping out). We got chatting and she reckons that she never comes here alone, as the building, or rather more specifically Jeff’s room, is haunted.

Apparently people in the village say that they very often see someone standing at the window in Jeff’s room, even when there’s no one here.

Also, her husband did some work here, painting and decorating with another chap. Apparently this other guy was on the ground floor and heard footsteps emanating from Jeff’s room, so he thought his workmate (the cleaners husband) was still there and called up to find out what he was doing. He didn’t get a reply and so climbed the stairs to find out what was going on and, on his way up, a door shut. No one was there. I’m told he swore never to work here alone again.

They’ve gone now…”

Which system do you want to try? OKCupid? eHarmony? Tinder?

Summer job in Prague for a teenager?

We are responding to online messageboards regarding potential summer jobs in Prague:

“Hledám brigádu na léto, je mi 15, skončil jsem devítku. Najde se něco?”

How about you bulk-order 500 – 800 jars of Chinese X.O. sauce, then sell each jar of X.O. sauce (like retail) somewhere on the street in Prague? Like, at a stall. From the back of your parent’s van or car. You order like 800 jars of X.O. sauce from Hong Kong or somewhere in Southern China. You act as a retailer in Prague. Someone who goes shopping should pay only 110 – 125 kc, PER ITEM .

Here, it says X.O. sauce costs 449 kc per piece. But, this price is too high. I myself went to the supermarket and I bought the thing for a much lower price than 449 kc. Delicious X.O. sauce.

Lee Kum Kee XO omáčka 220g
Značka: Lee Kum Kee – Zobrazit všechny produkty značky
“Absolutní delikatesa, tuto omáčku najdete na v jídlech v nejlepších restauracích světa. Lee Kum Kee je prvním výrobcem, který omáčku XO v Hongkongu nabízí. Tato naše omáčka je univerzální kořenící směsí pro gurmány, zhotovenou z těch nejlepších ingrediencí; najdete v ní sušené mušle, sušené krevety, červené chilli papričky a různé koření. Je vynikajícím doplňkem jakéhokoli jídla, například dim sum a čínských knedlíčků, hodí se ale i do ovesné kaše nebo japonského sushi. Omáčku XO lze také s úspěchem použít při smažení masových kousků a na zeleninu, mořské plody, tofu, smaženou rýži a dokonce i těstoviny.”

A Cantonese-speaking person struggles to learn Czech as a Slavic language

大佬啊!In Czech “歡迎”的 I 嘛,一短一長。Přivítání  點鬼樣記住?I 字母不是一長之後然後一短。是一短之後一長。囉我命。
以前中學二年級,你是讀書那種人,我是不讀書的那種人。唉 。人家學拉小提琴,至少也有去考小提琴試啦… … …那麼我什麼時候去考捷克語試?低級的也好!The above is written in Cantonese Chinese.

Geospatial Ecology of Marine Megafauna Lab

Hello! I am looking for a rich-ish or rich man or woman or any sort of entity who would like to financially support the research of Geospatial Ecology of Marine Megafauna Lab. While being a Prague resident, I am practically illiterate and I run out of things to read in Czech which I can’t even read in the first place so I find myself to be reading papers from the Seabird Oceanography Lab, on a long weekend, for fun. I have to use the encyclopaedia to figure out where the Pribilof Islands actually are. Might you swallow your victim whole? Wow, if I myself have a go at this thing ‘shake feeding’ at my dinner table, my friends are going to accuse me of having terrible table manners. What a random post. You can of course send the gift to the laboratory directly without involving me at all.